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Why Winter Is a Good Time to Plan Your Next Landscaping Project

Why Winter Is a Good Time to Plan Your Next Landscaping Project

During winter, when you look outside at the ice and snow covering your lawn, spending time outside is probably not high on your list of priorities. If you take this time to plan ahead, though, and think about the spring and summer, you can get ahead of the crowd on your next landscape project.

Winter is a good time to plan your next landscape project in Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and surrounding Minnesota areas for quite a few reasons.

Take the Downtime to Plan Exactly What You Want to See in Your Yard

Home property in Rochester, MN blanketed in snow.

It's freezing in winter—no one is going to really be out planting landscape shrubs or installing paver patios. Take advantage of this downtime to call professional landscape designers and see how they can help you in planning out your project. Many landscape companies will provide a free consultation or design, and during the winter is when they are most available to help you. You can take the time to consult with a few companies and select the design you most prefer.

This also gives you time to think through your plans. A haphazard landscape design won't help increase your curb appeal and it definitely won't address any underlying issues in your yard, such as drainage or grading needs. It also gives your landscape designer time to coordinate any permits or engineering needs for your project.

Your Plants Are Dormant, Making it Easier to See Your Entire Outdoor Space

Another perk is that right now, your plants...

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4 Reasons Properties May Need Land or Brush Clearing Services

4 Reasons Properties May Need Land or Brush Clearing Services

Land and brush clearing involves removing stumps, trees, bushes, and other vegetation from a landscape. Land and brush clearing services are beneficial to both residential and commercial properties. Some people may attempt to take on the task of clearing their land themselves, but performing land and brush clearing is costly and time-consuming without the right tools and industry knowledge.

Here, we'll cover why your property in Red Wing, Zumbrota, Rochester, and surrounding Minnesota areas may need professional land and brush clearing services and how they can offer you a great ROI.

1. Land and brush clearing services increase your property value.

This recently cleared land now houses a beautiful landscape bed near Rochester, MN.

Overgrown greenery, wild bushes, unattractive stumps, and dying trees are unappealing to potential buyers. If you are trying to sell your home, you want to remove any unsightly softscape elements from your landscape. Our land and brush clearing services give your property a cleaner look and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Even if you aren't planning on moving anytime soon, land and brush clearing services are a great way to increase your property value. The removal of overgrown plants will increase visibility and give you the chance to completely revitalize your landscape.

2. Prevent fires with professional brush removal.

Brush removal is not performed only for aesthetic purposes. Brush removal is a great safety precaution. Especially if a lot of your land contains dead organic...

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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Snow Removal Company

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Snow Removal Company

Living in Minnesota, we know how brutal even a typical winter can be in the area. Snow can pile up quickly and can easily get in the way of life if not attended to. That’s why regular snow removal is important. That said, we understand life’s demands and that it can be tough to keep up the maintenance necessary to keep your property running smoothly—which is why we’re here to help.

Whether you’re managing a commercial property or are maintaining your residence, here are three reasons why you should hire a snow removal company in Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and the surrounding areas of Minnesota.

1. Snow removal ensures a safe experience for customers or guests.

Snow cleared from a walkway in Rochester, MN.

The dangers of accumulated snow and ice are ever-present—slips and falls make up only a fraction of the potential for winter injuries. Removing snow and ice where present around your home or business is critical to ensuring the safety of loved ones or customers, respectively. Not only that, but addressing snow or ice reduces the potential for litigation if something were to happen.

Hiring a snow removal company will ensure that a team of professionals removes these hazards safely and efficiently and that your home or business will be safer as a result.

2. Snow removal helps prevent damage to your hardscaping.

The damaging effects of winter can be harmful to your sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. Improper snow removal means...

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3 Reasons to Do a Fall Property Cleanup

3 Reasons to Do a Fall Property Cleanup

With fall having recently arrived, winter will be here before you know it—and winter can have a significant negative impact on your property’s lawn and landscaping. Snow and ice make grass and other plant life brittle, so getting ahead of the curve and servicing your lawn in the fall will make things much easier by the time winter arrives. Services such as trimming, weeding, and leaf/yard debris removal all contribute to the health of your lawn.

Here are three reasons why a fall property cleanup in Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and nearby areas of Minnesota is integral to the health of your lawn and landscaping before we move into the brutally cold winter months.

1. Leafy buildup provides a home for insects.

The purpose of leaves is to cycle the water back into the atmosphere by evaporation after the plant has absorbed the needed nutrients. In preparation for dormancy, trees shed their leaves to make up for the lack of water during winter—thus leaving leafy buildup in our lawns. Lack of sunlight plus added moisture under this leafy debris provides a home and often acts as a breeding ground for insects, as bugs will lay their eggs in this damp, cool area.

This combination can also result in various lawn diseases under all that buildup. Combating this before it becomes a real problem is as simple as conducting seasonal yard cleanups—and doing this now before winter sets in ensures your lawn will not be in a weakened...

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Drainage & Grading Project for Basement Flooding

Drainage & Grading Project for Basement Flooding

In the area of Minnesota including Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and more, we have a higher water table. If you have a basement, you know that higher water table means that you may have issues with water pooling in your basement if the original drainage and grading weren't done properly. At Hills Landscaping, we've developed comprehensive drainage and grading solutions to address those issues so that you can get back to enjoying your basement and not worry about flooding when rainy or snowy weather hits.

Recently we had the chance to come up with a solid drainage solution for one of our customers, Vicki Zook, who had been fighting with this very issue for over 20 years and spent a lot of money on band-aid fixes that didn't help.

"I was unable to find a landscape professional that was willing to take on the complicated issues associated with residential drainage," Vicki said. "The good news is that there is finally someone in the area that is willing to take on the challenge—Hills Landscaping!"

Check out some more information, photos, and video from this recent project below.

Steps We Took to Keep Water from Entering the Basement

Basement drainage project excavation and cover up in Rochester, MN.

Upon arriving to evaluate the problem, we found that water was still entering the basement even though the previous contractors had added tar to part of the foundation and added drain tile. This drain tile had become plugged because they used sand and pea rock...

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How Drainage & Grading Can Address Basement Flooding Issues

How Drainage & Grading Can Address Basement Flooding Issues

Basement flooding can be a serious issue, especially when it happens continually. Many places will attempt to fix the issue by addressing the flooding itself rather than the cause of the flooding. When your home’s grading and drainage is incorrect, it can cause continual basement flooding, and neglecting to address these issues will never fix the problem.

Proper drainage and grading are essential to preventing a flooded basement. With drainage systems, land clearing, and proper grading, your basement can be better protected against flooding. Here is how drainage and grading can address basement flooding issues in Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and the surrounding areas.

Proper Grading Prevents Water Pooling

Grading refers to the level of the ground around your house and plays a very important role in water drainage and redirection. To prevent water from flowing toward your home’s foundation and pooling up, your property’s grading should be sloped away from your house. When the grading of the land around your house is not sloped properly, it does not divert water away from your house but rather causes water to pool up around your home’s foundation. When water collects around the base of your home, it can seep through and into your basement, causing flooding and water damage. Many professionals recommend a slope of five percent for successful and proper grading and water drainage. Proper grading will ensure your basement...

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Our new website has been launched live!

Our new website has been launched live!

We would like to announce our new website has been launched! We are very excited about new and existing customers being able to find us online, learn about our services and get in contact with us.

Come back often for great lawn care and landscaping information!

Part of our new website is a blog that we'll be utilizing to provide you with lawn care tips, reminders and other great lawn and landscaping information. We encourage you to join in and comment on our posts with your questions, opinions and requests.

The new site will continue to grow!

Since we just launched the website, there are many things we'll be adding into the future. When you see or talk to us, let us know what you think! Your feedback is important as we strive to offer the best lawn service possible.

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