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Drainage & Grading Services Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, MN & Surrounding Areas

Our drainage and grading services can help correct flooding issues, drainage problems, regrade entire properties, clear brush & obstructions, and more.

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Drainage and grading services for residential and commercial properties in Rochester, Red Wing, and other Minnesota areas.

We can install French drains, level land for new construction, address basement flooding issues, help with erosion control, and more.

Layout of a full drainage system and all elements at a home in Rochester, MN.

In our area of Minnesota, many properties end up having issues with flooding due to our higher water table and clay soil that doesn’t let water escape as easily. With our drainage and grading services, we can help to address these issues for residential and commercial properties by installing French drains, leveling land for new construction, fix basement flooding issues, address erosion control issues, and more.

We service properties located in and around Rochester, Red Wing, and Zumbrota, MN.

Issues Grading Helps Fix Include Basement Flooding, Erosion Control, & Redirecting Water Flow Away from Foundations

If the land around your home or business wasn’t properly sloped when it was built, then you may have flooding issues in your basement or around your foundation every time it rains. The longer this goes on, the more issues you’ll face as your building receives more and more water damage. Water damage is costly to fix and can also result in mold growth. Grading helps to redirect this water flow and take it farther down your yard away from your house or office. Drainage and grading services can also help with controlling erosion issues on your residential or commercial property.

According to Roto-Rooter, the average cost of floodwater damage is $1,000 per inch of water.

Reasons Why Your Foundation or Basement in Rochester, MN & Nearby Areas May Leak

Flooding or leaking in foundations, basements, or even crawl spaces in the area of Rochester, MN is not an uncommon occurrence, unfortunately. We see many homes in the area experience issues with water invading their basements and foundations due to a few factors. Several homes throughout the area were built on wetlands and have a high water table. At Hills Landscaping, we often see jobs where standing water will be in the soil just a few feet below the surface.

Once water enters your basement or foundation, it will keep happening until the issues are fixed. Hydrostatic pressure and the clay bowl effect are two main reasons why area basements have flooding issues. Both reasons can cause extensive damage, but we have developed a way to waterproof your foundation along with an external sump pump.

We Pair Proper Grading with External Sump Pumps for Properties with a High Water Table

Rendering of how an external sump pump system works.

With proper grading and an external sump pump installed by our expert professionals, you can move away from using internal sump pumps and hopefully avoid excessive water damage to your basement or foundation. An internal sump pump is used to remove excess water or moisture from your basement. It usually sits in a pit that is below your basement and pumps the water away from your home. When moisture and water continue to sit in your basement, it can lead to issues with mold and health problems. Since our area sees so much snowfall—in Rochester, around 50 inches annually—it's often recommended to use sump pumps to prevent mold growth.

External sump pumps have advantages over internal sump pumps. To use an internal sump pump means that water and moisture have already entered your home. External sump pumps, however, attack the water before it enters your house. We install external pumps about 1.5-2 feet below your foundation, while an interior sump pump is put in right at the level of your foundation.

Our effective drainage solutions also consist of installing a peel-and-stick water membrane that helps to waterproof the concrete of your foundation. We also put rock from below the foundation to grade.

What Purpose Does a French Drain Serve in Your Landscaping

A French drain is used in landscaping to divert water to another drainage area. It’s a trench filled with washed limestone and lined with fabric. That fabric is designed to keep soil out of the washed limestone.

As water flows through your yard, it is redirected through the French drain’s trench, where the bottom slopes down to allow the water to escape to a different drainage area. To minimize erosion in the drainage area, French drains are usually made with a gradual slope instead of a sharp dropoff.

Land Clearing, Bush Hogging, & Brush Clearing Prep Land for Construction & Other Projects

Bulldozer clearing field of topsoil in Zumbrota, MN.

Land clearing, bush hogging, and brush clearing allow us to clear land so that construction and other projects can begin. These services can also be performed for open fields and alongside roadways to manage brush growth.

Bush hogging, or brush hogging, is performed with a large tractor that cuts through thick brush and overgrown fields. It helps to clear this brush away to eliminate havens for pests and other creatures.

Do you need leveling, grading, or land clearing done on your property?

Our grading, leveling, and land clearing services can help transform your residential or commercial property and help mitigate any flooding issues that could be occurring each time it rains. We also help with erosion control at your property. Contact us today at (507) 259-8949 to learn how we can assist you in redirecting water away from your buildings and landscaping!

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