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Hydroseeding a new lawn in Rochester, MN.

Hydroseeding Services Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, MN & Surrounding Areas

Get a new lawn quicker than seeding with hydroseeding services that use a mixture of wood fiber mulch, seeds, and more.

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Hydroseeding services for homes and businesses in Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and nearby Minnesota areas.

When you need to establish a large area of grass quickly, hydroseeding is a good option for any home or business.

This hydroseeded field just outside of Red Wing, MN will soon have a new lawn.

When new lawns need to be established from scratch, there are several options property owners can choose such as sod, seeding, and hydroseeding. If you are looking to quickly and efficiently cover a large area for less than the price of sod grass, hydroseeding is a good choice.

At Hills Landscaping, we provide hydroseeding services for homes and businesses throughout Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and other nearby areas of Minnesota.


What Exactly Is Hydroseeding & How Does it Benefit Your Property

Hydroseeding involves spraying a slurry mixture from a truck onto the bare soil. This slurry contains grass seeds along with other items to help the grass grow quickly and be strong. It has a teal color when it is initially sprayed onto your property. The slurry our hydroseeding company uses contains:

  • Wood fiber mulch: when mulch is installed along with seed, it helps to protect the new grass growth and fight off any unwanted weeds.
  • Organic guar tackifier: tackifier is used so the mixture can easily stick to the surface that it’s sprayed onto, which is especially helpful when hydroseeding a sloped area.
  • Fertilizer: fertilizer helps strengthen the new grass growth as it needs extra nutrients to absorb in its new stage of life.
  • Topsoil forming biotics: this organic material helps to feed the grass and provide even more nutrients for the grass and soil.

Hydroseeding services are beneficial for properties because they help establish new grass quickly and keep it healthy. It takes about 4-6 weeks for grass to form after hydroseeding, but with seeding alone, it can take a few months. It also saves time, money, and labor because it is one application of several things your new lawn will need to thrive. Hydroseeding services also give you a lawn that is uniform, meaning that there will only be one type of grass versus two or three.

What Types of Properties Need Hydroseeding

This sloped lawn in Zumbrota, MN benefited from hydroseeding services.

Generally, hydroseeding is used when properties need to create a brand new lawn. This may happen when a lawn is lost due to disease or insect infestation, or if a property owner just wants to install a new type of grass. Hydroseeding is beneficial for properties with sloped areas, as the slurry mixture is much more likely to stick to the hilly sections and not wash away in the rain. At Hills Landscaping, we can hydroseed any property from deer feed plots to small residential properties.

Are you in need of hydroseeding services for your lawn in Rochester, MN?

We provide quality hydroseeding services to residential and commercial lawns all throughout the areas of Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and more cities in Minnesota. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment such as the TurfMaker hydroseeder that covers more efficiently than other hydroseeding machines.

If you need hydroseeding for your property, then give us a call today at (507) 259-8949 or fill out our online contact form.

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