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Flower bed and mulch landscaping design.

Landscaping Services Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, MN & Surrounding Areas

Landscape bed renovations and installations for residential and commercial properties include mulch, plants, bed weeding, and more.

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Landscaping services for homes and businesses in the areas of Rochester, Red Wing, and Zumbrota.

We install mulch, rock, plants, trim regularly, and more with our landscaping services.

Adding a landscape bed or renovating an existing one at your home or business in Rochester, Zumbrota, Red Wing, and surrounding areas can increase your curb appeal and give an extra splash of color to the exterior of your property. The outside is the first thing people see when they visit you, so making a good impression is key.

At Hills Landscaping, we design, install, and renovate landscaping beds which includes mulch or rock, new plants, and landscape maintenance such as trimming.

Common Plants Used in Our Landscape Bed Projects

Landscape flower bed and mulch design for a Red Wing, MN home.

In our area of Minnesota, we experience extreme temperatures that can kill off plants that aren’t designed to live in the harsh cold. That is why we work with native plants that survive in our area. Plants we work with include:

  • River birch
  • Hosta
  • Hydrangea
  • Burning bush
  • Summer wine
  • Roses
  • Forsythia
  • Arrowwood viburnum
  • Karl forester grass
  • And more!

Our landscape bed renovations, also called garden rejuvenations, help to bring new life to your existing landscaping. We can also do landscape installations and frequently work with new housing developments to put in brand new landscape beds. We can also provide hand-drawn designs before we start working on your project so you can get a visual of your project.

We will also do landscape bed weeding, but we only hand pull weeds—no spray is involved.

Mulch & Rock Installation Has Many Benefits to Your Landscaping

Installing mulch or rock ground cover comes with many benefits for your landscape beds. Ground cover acts as a natural weed barrier, blocking access to light, air, and water so those weeds can’t poke through. Mulch and rock also help the soil to retain moisture and stay insulated against temperature changes.

At Hills Landscaping, we typically install more rock ground cover than mulch, as rock does require less maintenance. Common types of rock we use are multicolored winona river rock, dresser trap, black cherry, multicolored granite, red limestone, various colors of quartz, and more.

When we work with mulch, we use popular types such as brown dyed mulch, red cedar, and cypress. We have also used rubber mulch for playgrounds. It’s recommended to refresh mulch once a year around April or May, or in the fall. We can also do winter mulching if desired.

Landscape Trimming Should Happen 2 Times a Year

Trimmed landscape trees and rock bed design in the Zumbrota, MN area.

Trimming your landscape plants is great for maintaining plant health. When a professional trims landscape plants, they can check for any signs of plant disease or insect infestation. Trimming also helps ensure the plants are growing correctly and do not look unshapely.

We recommend that plants be trimmed twice a year. Our trimming services are for plants, shrubs, hedges, and small trees that are 12 feet in height or lower.

Are you ready to renovate or install new landscape beds at your property?

At Hills Landscaping, we can help you create landscaping that looks gorgeous and complements your home or business. Give us a call today at (507) 259-8949 to set up an initial consultation on what you need.

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