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Custom outdoor kitchen and grill built in brick for a home in Zumbrota, MN.

Outdoor Kitchens & Living Spaces Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, MN & Surrounding Areas

Expand your outdoor living space and increase your home's value with outdoor kitchens, custom fire pits, custom fireplaces, and more.

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Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, and more for homes and businesses in Rochester and nearby Minnesota areas.

We can design a complete outdoor living space that complements the exterior of your property and expands your living area.

Adding an outdoor living space to your home is a great investment and gives you a space where you can enjoy the outdoors with family, guests, or customers. These spaces are completely customizable and complement the outside of your home or business.

We design and install outdoor living spaces, including outdoor kitchens, custom fire pits, fire places, outdoor lighting, and more for homes and businesses throughout Rochester, Red Wing, Zumbrota, and other nearby Minnesota areas.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens Can Have Dishwashers, Pizza Ovens, Sinks, & More

Custom outdoor kitchen with grill, sink, umbrella and table and chairs designed for a homeowner in Zumbrota, MN.

A custom outdoor kitchen can be constructed with materials that match your home or business. Outdoor kitchens are great for taking entertainment outside while you cook for family, friends, or customers. These can be completely customized or can be installed as kits with masonry work around them.

Outdoor kitchens can include many elements such as:

  • Pizza Ovens
  • Sinks
  • Grills
  • Dishwashers
  • Countertops
  • Bars
  • Stove
  • And more!

Outdoor kitchens can be costly, but it’s important to note that they have a solid return on investment and add extra living space to your home.

Fire Pits & Fireplaces Allow Outdoor Enjoyment Even on Cool Nights

Custom brick fire pit designed for a Red Wing, MN property.

When we at Hills Landscaping build custom fire pits, we can create them from many different durable, long-lasting materials and in any size or shape. Fire pits and fireplaces both can be either wood-burning or gas-burning depending on preference.

Materials that can be used to build out fire pits and fireplaces include natural stone, limestone, veneer, blue stone, Versalock, and Rochester concrete products. Adding a fire pit or fireplace to your outdoor living space gives a natural way to give off heat, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even on a cool evening.

We can also construct a stone seating wall around the fire pit to create a beautiful extra seating area.

Outdoor Lighting Systems Highlight Your Building & Landscaping

Adding an outdoor lighting system to your home or business helps to spotlight your property and also adds an element of safety. When walkways, pathways, driveways, and parking lots are illuminated, it helps friends and guests safely navigate around your property without tripping or falling in the dark. Effectively lighting up otherwise dark corners can also work to deter potential burglars from breaking into your property.

We use LED lighting systems for our installations as those last longer and are much more energy efficient than incandescent or halogen lighting.

Are you looking to add an outdoor living space to your home or business?

We can construct many different hardscapes that complement your home or business, including outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, seating walls, and more. Consider spotlighting those hardscapes with a custom outdoor lighting system as well. Give us a call today at (507) 259-8949 to set up an initial estimate to talk about what elements you’d like to add to your outdoor living space.

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