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Landscaped home property with plant and flower beds in Rochester, MN.

Outdoor Living Space & Landscape Design in Rochester, MN & Surrounding Areas

Let us help you beautify your home or business' outdoor space in Rochester, MN with our landscaping design and installation services.

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Landscaping, hardscaping, and more for residential and commercial properties in Rochester, MN.

Our experienced professionals can sit down with you, plan out a landscaping design, and then install your new outdoor living space in a seamless experience.

Home to the Mayo Clinic and a large IBM facility, Rochester, MN is listed as one of the best places to live in the U.S. by many publications. It's actually named after Rochester, NY because the original settlers were from that city. We love living and working in this area.

Helping to keep Rochester beautiful is one of the reasons we are so happy to do our jobs every day. We offer many landscaping and hardscaping services for residential and commercial properties throughout the area.

Every Project Begins with an Initial Consultation & 3D Landscape Design

3D rendering of landscape design in Rochester, MN.

When we begin a project in Rochester, MN, we start off by initially consulting with the client on their wants and needs, as well as any budget constraints. After that meeting, our team goes back to create a 3D landscape design that can show the client exactly what their new project will look like. The design will show them many different aspects and lighting scenarios so they can visualize the new space.

Our team uses Vizterra software to accurately depict the landscaping, hardscaping, and other parts of the project. It can even mimic the sounds of a water feature if you opt to add one of those to your yard.

Landscaping Installation, Renovation, & Maintenance Services Available for Rochester, MN

If you need new landscaping, we can install new landscape beds or we can also renovate your existing ones, also referred to as garden rejuvenation. This can help increase your curb appeal and your property value. When we install new plants, we try to work with those proven to survive in our zone. For example, tropical plants would not survive our winters here in Rochester, MN.

We also can put in mulch or rock, which is an important step in the landscaping process. Proper ground cover has many benefits and can provide your landscape beds with natural weed control, protection from soil erosion, and more. A vital part of landscape maintenance is regular trimming. At Hills Landscaping, we recommend trimming be done twice a year and we can trim plants, shrubs, and trees that are 12' or lower.

Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, & Outdoor Lighting Can Be Added to Your Design Plans

Custom brick fire pit in backyard of Rochester, MN home.

If you want to further expand your outdoor living space, we also create custom outdoor kitchens that can be used to entertain guests, friends, and family. These outdoor kitchens can include pizza ovens, dishwashers, stoves, a bar, and more.

For those cooler fall nights in Rochester, MN, consider adding a fire pit or fireplace where everyone can gather around the warmth. Our fire pits and fireplaces can be either gas burning or wood burning. We construct fire elements with natural stone, limestone, veneer, Versalock, Rochester concrete products, and more.

An LED outdoor lighting system increases the functionality and safety of your exterior. With an outdoor lighting system, you can enjoy the space even after it gets dark. It also helps those visiting your property to safely navigate around the walkways, sidewalks, or driveway.

We Create Custom Patios, Walkways, Driveways, Retaining Walls, & Seating Walls

Custom patios are a good way to add livable space to your yard and can be made from long-lasting, durable materials such as pavers, flagstone, cobblestone, and brick. They add a great area for patio furniture or can be built around a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. Our walkways are great for reducing foot traffic on your lawn and decorative driveways can increase your curb appeal and make your Rochester home stand out from others on the street.

Our retaining and seating walls can be both functional and decorative, depending on the needs of your property. A functional retaining wall helps to prevent soil erosion, while a seating wall adds a natural-looking place for guests and family to sit. Decorative retaining walls may be used to frame landscape planting beds. If you desire, we can also add in some natural stone steps throughout your property.

Correct Basement Flooding Issues with Our Drainage & Grading Solutions for Rochester, MN Homes

Home drainage infographic for Rochester, MN.

With our higher water table, we often see basement flooding issues where water will pool in the basement even with a sump pump. Our comprehensive drainage and grading solutions can address this issue and help keep water out of your Rochester, MN basement. We use waterproof membranes to block water and install external sump pumps that get to the water before it enters your home.

Add Safety & Security to Your Property with Custom Fencing

We also provide custom fencing for Rochester, MN properties—all the way from chain link to ranch fencing. Our team can install residential fencing such as wood, vinyl, and chain link, as well as commercial fencing that is durable and helps increase security and safety. For area ranches, we can install tensile fencing that uses tough wire and lasts longer than barbed wire.

Other Services for Rochester Include Hydroseeding, Yard Cleanups, Snow Removal, & Deicing

If you need to establish a lawn quickly and from scratch, hydroseeding services are a good option. We spray a mix of seed, mulch, fertilizer, and more on the soil to establish a healthy lawn. It will take about 4-6 weeks to see lawn growth with hydroseeding. This is a great solution for hilly properties, as the mixture has an ingredient that allows it to stick to the soil much more firmly than seeding alone.

We also offer yard cleanups for Rochester properties. These are available in the spring and fall and include weeding, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, hardscape sealing, landscape trimming, leaf removal, bed reshaping, and yard debris removal. Cleanups help get your yard prepared for the upcoming seasons and keep it healthy.

When winter weather hits, we are also available for snow removal and deicing of Rochester homes and businesses. Once the snow has accumulated to one and a half inches, we deploy to your property and remove snow from your hardscapes. We also apply deicing treatments to help melt the snow and decrease the risks of slipping or falling.

If you need landscaping or other yard services in Rochester, MN, then reach out to us!

At Hills Landscaping, we have years of experience in the landscaping industry. Our team members are professional, well-versed, and knowledgeable. They can create a new landscape, hardscape, or care for your yard. Give us a call today at (507) 259-8949 to learn how we can help your Rochester, MN property!

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